Professional car audio

Birth of a Brand


The brand DBSonic was created by a team of enthusiasts and
professionals from Car Audio, after more than fifteen years of importing,
distributing and launching prestigious brands, such as:

  • NEXT known for its aluminium subwoofers (e.g.: NEXT AL38).
  • SIGNAT for its excellent amplifiers (e.g.: RAM3) as well as the largest amplifier in the world (the FLAG).
  • CRUNCH and its original and unique speakers (e.g.: MXQ12 and BMGPP8).
  • MBQUART, an excellent German maker of speakers, widely recognised for the quality of their equipment as well as their coaxials.
  • LA CONNECTIQUE, the key to a proper installation, with the distribution of the brand Spectrum and Stinger in 1990.

How quickly time passes …

As the song goes: “who could have imagined how quickly time would go by. Draw up the balance calmly”…

That is what we have done.

We have decided to combine the best aspects of each of these brands, because none of them individually managed to give us a complete programme which was able to maintain a balance between competitiveness and high quality.

So we have created, dBSonic, our own programme; complete and varied, but above all remaining faithful to our convictions (the relationship between quality and price).

This is how and why thanks to you, the brand dBSonic has now already been available amongst us for three years and hopefully will continue to remain so.